Quality and experience in a flexible and efficient practice.


SF Firm LLP was founded with the goal of providing the highest level of legal services in an efficient, flexible, and transparent environment. Our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys who have guided clients through all levels of complexity of legal issues and challenges.


Getting the best possible results for our clients is our top priority. The attorneys at SF Firm LLP pride themselves on being creative problem solvers who identify innovative solutions to complex challenges.

This allows us to help clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective manner possible for our clients, whether they be Fortune 500 companies or individuals.


At SF Firm LLP we do not believe in the one-size fits all approach to legal services. Even within a single client, legal needs vary in magnitude, urgency, and risk. Understanding that each client’s circumstance is unique, we develop strategies proportionate to the issue at hand and aligned with the client’s budget.


The Law Firm Reimagined

At SF Firm LLP we have moved beyond outdated practice models that aren’t aligned with client needs. You want more, and we deliver.

Relationship-Driven for Next Level Service

For too long, law firms have sold themselves on their ability to parachute in to assist but treating every matter like it’s a one-time event while having no long-term investment in their clients’ success.

We forge long term relationships with our clients. And we treat every opportunity to work together as another step in developing that relationship and trust. We work to be truly aligned with our clients from day to day, matter to matter, year to year.